Are you confused by all the medical bills you’ve acquired?

Are you spending too much time on your parent’s or child’s medical bills when you’d rather be with your parent or child?

Or maybe you are dealing with a healthcare crisis of your own. Is your life being taken away by the mounting paperwork?

I can help!

Confidential – Compassionate – Understandable – Affordable: That’s what I offer. I navigate the maze of insurance claims, referrals, authorizations and co-pays so you can spend your time with your parent or child. I turn insurance legalese into plain English so you will understand what you need to do and who you should pay.

Her health plan and the hospital had agreed that her medical procedure 12 months ago should have cost $750. Ms. A had the medical documents to prove that the hospital had overcharged her. So she wondered why she kept receiving a bill for $3,500.

For almost a year, Ms. A., a New York professional, tried to correct the overcharge herself. Calls to the billing department were ignored. Letters were similarly ignored. ”They were about to wreck my credit,” she recalled.

Finally, in exasperation, Ms. A. hired an independent medical claims professional. Acting as her advocate, the professional located someone in the hospital’s billing department who understood how the mix-up occurred. She asked for a note to be placed in Ms. A.’s file to prevent any more dunning notices, pending review of the dispute.

Within two months, the hospital agreed that Ms. A. owed only a co-payment of $68.

This is what I do.

I know the ins and outs of billing departments and insurance companies. I serve as your advocate in resolving outstanding issues. And I can let you know ahead of time what you will need going forward – referrals, authorizations, etc. You just send me a copy of your benefits summary and the claims, explanation of benefits and your bills and I will sort it all out for you.


Confidential – Compassionate – Understandable – Affordable